The back finish options include leather, mesh and upholstery. So, let's get started! Amia and Leap have almost the same adjustable features and ergonomics. LiveLumbar system (Amia) or Air LiveBack (Amia Air). When fully loaded with adjustable lumbar, fully adjustable arms, headrest, leather, etc., this chair will be as expensive as $2300. All Steelcase office task chairs have intuitive controls, extensive back recline range, seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, height-adjustable arm options, back tension adjustment, upright back lock, and adjustable lumbar options. Outdoor Lounge Seating. But though its softer, the Leap has a more contoured seat, which can feel more cradling. The main difference between Steelcase Amia and Gesture is that Amia has LiveLumbar and no headrest. So it has that perfect balance that more users will find suitable for their needs. The regular gas cylinder fits users as small as 4' 11" up to 6' 4". When Steelcase Series 2 and Amia both take the lead with identical armrests, Sit down and get cozy: Steelcase Amia takes the cake for the comfiest seat cushion, Mechanism Story: Steelcase Amia takes the gold in the battle of the chairs, Steelcase Amia eats off Series 2 with a unique lumbar support, Steelcase Amia vs Amia Air Uncovering the Differences: An In-Depth Look at the Backrests. I realize the latter is a newer chair so there's not a huge amount of feedback but it sounds like the Amia doesn't have quite as much back support as the Leap V2, which is what everyone talks about when Steelcase comes up. But Gesture has a headrest and 3D LiveBack Technology. The Amia is one of the first few units of Steelcase so its just common for the new models to have more to offer. The chair is within your budget, but youre still undecided if you should buy the Series 2 or try another Steelcase chair. Neither Amia nor Amia Air offers an Optional Headrest. Its accessories include an optional headrest or coat rack for additional comfort and convenience. Privacy Policy. This is very flexible and can follow your backs every movement. But of course, some features can be compromised such as a barely-there lower back support and a more upright position. Thats a tough combination to find in other office chairs unless you happen to nab a refurb Herman Miller (or maybe theres a sale). By this point, youre closer than ever in making up your mind about whether your next office chair will be the Steelcase Series 2. What kind of chair is the Steelcase Series 2 really? Protect and scale your business with technology. Separate these two chairs and youll find that they both have a similar look. Amia brings a refined style to any space, enhanced by precise manual adjustments, two back options and responsive support, Amia is a versatile best-seller. Seat includes flexible edges andadaptive bolstering inthe foam providing apressure-free sit. Both Amia and Amia Air are available without arms, with height-adjustable arms or with 4D Adjustable Arms. Previous Post There are just a few things that you are going to sacrifice if you are choosing Amia over Leap. If you like having full control of your chair and like to move around a lot while seated, the Leap is probably the best option for you. Since our previous list, weve changed the way we rate the ergonomics of every chair. With integrated Air LiveBack technology and a breathable, transparent aesthetic, Amia Air is ideal for busy people and growing organizations who excel at doing more with less. We recently received a shipment of 2017 and 2019 Steelcase Leap v2 chairs that were sat in for a short period due to COVID restrictions. Of course, if youd rather, you can always assemble the chair yourself. Uncover options to create an inspiring space. This important feature guarantees comfort for all body types and ensures everyone can sit with ease. Both options are comfortable, ergonomic chairs, but they are also somewhat different. We will look at both chairs separately and then compare them side by side. And: standard-height + footrest and risk still being too short, or drafting chair and risk it being too high, at the expense of future flexibility. Of course, if you decide the Series 2 is not for you, Steelcase has a huge collection of other wonderful office chairs to explore! The Amia is only capable of locking in the fully upright position and the Leap has five different tilt limiter positions available. However, Amia does not offer a headrest. Another big difference is the lumbar depth adjustment upgrade available from the Leap that isnt available for the Amia. Because the maximum seat depth doesnt allow the tall guy to sit on it comfortably. Steelcase Series 2 is the attainable, high-performing task chair you can personalize with extensive style choices. That could be the case for you too, as youre considering a Steelcase chair for your next office chair. Sign In Upload. Career & Education. And the Leap feels slightly hotter compared to the Amla even if it has the same padding. The armrests arent the most comfortable thing, according to some users. and our The Steelcase Series 2 is an office chair with 4D armrests, a mesh back, polyester upholstery, and the brands patented Air LiveBack technology. The carpet casters are office-appropriate so you can easily scoot over to your coworkers and have a chat or go over the details for that big meeting coming up. The Steelcase Amia chair has 3D armrests that you can adjust in three directions. 10,860 views Jun 16, 2021 128 Dislike Share Save BTODtv 30.4K subscribers The Amia and Leap are two very popular. Ill recap all the information to this point, talking about whats good and not as good about the Steelcase Series 2. There have been very few chairs that weve reviewed that scored 90 or above on build quality. And it isnt also heavily advertised and marketed like the Leap or the Embody. It has a nice design, quality materials used and the best warranty in the business. And looking at the features and specs of this chair, it can be a dark horse that can prove its worthiness soon. At only $500, its certainly worth the money. Steelcase Amia's LiveLumbar System has a height-adjustable spring force in the lumbar region to actively support the lower back. Two back optionsgive Amia its versatility tofit any person and anyspace providing all daycomfort and support.. Office chairs are a critical component of any workspace, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in terms of comfort, productivity, and well-being. Then again, that wont be the most comfortable thing ever, so its almost a lose-lose situation. This chair aint messing around, bringing its A-game with a unique LiveLive lumbar that leaves Series 2 feeling like its stuck in the past although both chairs get Air Liveback technology for the backrest. Weight-Activated Back Tension In the Think chair, you get " more space to increase height. Steelcase Amia vs. Design 8.5 Comfortable 7.5 Adjustment 8 Price 8 The Weight-Activated Synchro Tilt Mechanism responds automatically as you sit for appropriate ergonomic support. Also for: Amia air 482 series. You might also find it too rigid on the back. These armrests remain parallel to the worksurface at every recline angle so you can stay on task. Its like a magician performing a magic trick, with comfort as the grand finale no competition necessary! Today's best Steelcase Coupon Code: Visit Steelcase website for latest deals & sales. Home & Garden. . For casters, you can choose from wheels for carpet or wheels for hard floors. You can add a 3-Year Indoor Furniture Accident Protection Plan for $53 or a 5-Year Indoor Furniture Accident Protection Plan for $75, but these extra fees are optional. EMU Terramare Series. Steelcase Amia has over 80 material options, such as fabric and leather. Though the backrest is a bit curved, its very subtle and almost seems flat. Trying to decide between the Steelcase Amia and Series 2! The armrests are again 4D. Thats right, the arms are 4D! However, if you dont need extra adjustments and dont care about the high-end aesthetic, the Amia is a great way to save some money and still get into a Steelcase chair. When comparing the prices of these chairs you will immediately notice the price gap. Although the technology behind its lumbar support is innovative, it doesnt seem to provide the same level of comfort as the Amia. Best Deals and Sales in March: Up to 70% OFF! Their Americas warranty covers seating for three, five, or 12 years. One, slightly thinner padding. passport photo maker 915 key and email peterbilt 377 hood conversion; shipwreck coins for sale scs forum; emudeck retroachievements abusers determine which organizations to target based on; last names with dark meanings Like Amia, Series 2 offers Adaptive Bolstering and a Passive Seat Edge. The hard casters and flexible seat are other standouts. Just be sure to outfit your Amia Air with the optional lumbar support since its not included in the basic unit. Steelcase Series 2 features LiveBack Technology that works through an innovative, geometric design. Let's talk about what you actually get for the $150 - 200 extra, because that's still a significant amount of money. These two chairs have a lot in common, from the same height limit to similar dimensions and even sharing the same sleek design. Amia's standard features include the task chair version, fabric upholstery, 4D Adjustable Arms and carpet wheels. That's why we help you find seating that supports how your people move so everyone can be comfortable at work. This ergonomics feature has flexible geometrics throughout that allows it to move in several directions for personalized spinal support. Click here to see our list of supported countries. I also have to mention the issue with mesh office chairs, which is universal and not exclusive to the Steelcase Series 2. So it doesnt feel too tight or rigid. Steelcase Amia + Amia Air | Ergonomics Home Steelcase Amia + Amia Air This good, quality chair is ideal for the Bruin that likes adjustability options and accommodates a large variation of body types. Below are a few bits of information for reference: Browse Office Chairs From These Fine Retailers Steelcase Era office chair Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair, Air Back, Carpet Casters, Era Fabric (Pink Lemonade) We make every attempt to provide accurate pricing at time of publishing. Heres an overview. Who is and The Learning Center? The range of adjustments, from the tension to the armrests and everything in between, is quite impressive. Amia is slightly more expensive than Series 1 but it offers more ergonomic adjustments. The above ergonomic adjustments are far from the only way you can adjust the Steelcase Series 2 chair. Click to learn more. I realize the Series 2 is only about $500, so some cost-cutting had to occur. The armrests are the only point of contention I have. Plus, the Series 2 offers so many adjustments, everything from raising or lowering your seat to setting the degree of lumbar support to tilt locking, tension levers, and more. Hello! The flexible seat edge also takes care of your lower half. Honestly, both Steelcase Amia and Steelcase Series 2 are comfortable office chairs with ergonomic adjustments, design options and twelve-year warranties. Not sure if you should buy Steelcase Amia or Steelcase Series 2? The Steelcase Series 1 gives you the build quality and comfort that you would expect from a Steelcase office chair at a fraction of the price. The reason for the difference in scoring is due to slight differences in comfort scores and the Leap featuring a few more adjustments. Amia has a solid-looking build, with a squarish, smooth backrest, flatter seat pad, and thicker armrests. That said, the Series 2 does have a benefit that most mesh office chairs dont: a plush polyester seat. Buying new. All of the policies will be the same when ordering from Steelcase, so whether you order the Leap or Amia, theyll arrive via FedEx Ground to your door. LiveBack Technology works through an innovative geometric pattern that flexes in two dimensions to encourage movement. Unlike other chairs, Amia does not rely solely on a one-size-fits-all approach, instead, it offers users the ability to personalize the chair to fit their needs. Seat Depth: 15.5" to 18.5". However, Series 2 does offer an Optional Headrest. They have a convex shape thats supposed to support your wrists and elbows, but the lack of padding and the PVC cover doesnt do the armrests any favor. It combines the comfort of Steelcase Series 1 and the ergonomic features of Steelcase Amia, with a similar appearance to Amia. So seat depth is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing a chair, and these two options have got you covered. And we think youll be happy that you did. Choose from a variety of Airback colors or warm it up with 3D Microknit for additional choice. This is an all-mesh chair that can be a mesh alternative to the Amia. Product Comparisons When Steelcase Series 2 and Amia both take the lead with identical armrests. Steelcase does have exceptions regarding the warranty, of course. Probably going to spend most of my time upright and working, but having the option of leaning back comfortably to play video games would be nice. Steelcase Series 2 is significantly cheaper than Amia. Whether you're a professional making the transition to remote work or an avid gamer, we're sure we can help you find the perfect chair for your specific needs and budget. The Leap is $200 more, and for that you get a more ergonomic recline system, and a more adjustable lower back. Big Sale . Whether it's in the conference room, personal workstation or home office, Amia is a hardworking, versatile ergonomic office chair that adds an element of sophistication to any workspace. The Leap has more tilt lock position and the Amia can only be locked upright. Respawn Gaming Chairs: Which One is the Best & why its Is the Flexispot OC3B just another mesh chair hype? Steelcase is arguably the top office chair brand in the world next to Herman Miller. Amia is designed with a hidden advancedLiveLumbarsystem that flexes with yourevery move providing consistent, dynamic support for your lower back and a quiet,streamlined look. In addition to our regular reviews of standing desks and office chairs, we are now also testing kneeling chairs, monitor stands, and other gaming products. This way we dont have chairs placed at the top of the list that are loaded with adjustments but not comfortable. However, Series 2, Steelcase Amia is a high-quality, fully adjustable office chair. Steelcase Series 2 vs. Steelcase Series 1, How to Clean an Office Chair: The Complete Guide, How to Make an Office Chair Higher (9 Simple Tips), How to Stop an Office Chair From Rolling (7 Simple Ways). The Amia and Series 2 chairs are covered by Steelcase's limited lifetime warranty. The price between the Series 1 and Series 2 are not too far apart. Favorite Places to get the best deal on buying an ergonomic Logitech Embody vs Regular Embody: How To Differentiate Two Very Identical Qwork Ergonomic Office Chair review top 5 picks under 200 JYSK Office Chairs Review Pretty Aesthetics, SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair Mesh Design review. Amia also has a Manual Synchro Tilt Mechanism. Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Steelcase Check Price on Office Designs 8Expert Score Good! The Amia is infinitely more adjustable and Steelcase's 4 way adjustable armrests just blow everything Herman Miller has out of the water. The back hides the advanced lumbar technology, providing a streamlined look. I agree the arms could have been more comfortable. As compared to the Amia, the Leaps backrest is a little bit more flexible because of its plastic design. It's easy to adjust the tilt tension control and adjustable lumbar support, and the arms are extremely well designed with a wide range of adjustability. Our products and operations are designed around a commitment to reduce climate change, reinforced by sustainable practices across our value chain. Steelcase Leap v2 vs. Steelcase Amia: Which is best in 2023? The 3 best Kneeling chairs (300 400 lbs) for a Where to Find good options for a Kneeling Chair near me Co-z kneeling chair review Will the Expensive Tag be Worth Kneeling chair or Ball chair what can I use it Top 6 Best Corner Desks with Hutch For Everyone. Copyright 2023 Chair Insights | Sitemap | Contact Us. The optional headrest matches the mesh back and flexors. I have no complaints about the build quality of the Series 2. Steelcase Amia vs. Series 2: Which Office Chair Should You Buy? Dealers can provide E&I members with access to E&Is contract and discounting. So to simply put it, the Air is the mesh offering of the Steelcase Amia. And there's always a chance that the lowest setting of the drafting chair is going to be too high for the 30" desk, though that's less of a problem with an adjustable standing desk. The ability to adjust the height, width, pivot, and depth, all with smooth ease, gives you ultimate control over your comfort. This is another polyester office chair. Thats what Ill tell you in this section. Steelcase Coupons & Promo Codes for Mar 2023. For additional choices, Amia Air offers a 3D MicroKnit back. If you're looking for a comfortable office chair with simple, easy adjustments (and you want to invest in high-performance seating without spending a lot of money), Series 2 is a great choice for you. That feature is built to reduce the pressure that can accumulate under your legs as you sit all day. Ideal for those seeking comfort and is a user-friendly chair for extended sitting periods. Buy >> 50% Off Refurbished Amias>>. Series 2 Chair with Fully Adjustable Arms. Steelcase Amia costs more than Series 2 by a few hundred dollars. So this is a great alternative if you find the Leap too aggressive and the Amia too soft. Uncover the mistakes you're making when ordering office furniture. How Stable Are The Most Popular Standing Desks? Once again atop our lists, the Leap v2 and Amia were some of our highest rated chairs for armrest comfort. The comfort dial of the Series 2 has three different settings, including a weight-activated setting that boosts tension by 20% more than what your body provides. Its time to get real! Its like having a personal assistant for your arms! I'm 5'0" and have lower back pain, with periodic bouts of acute sciatica. If youre familiar with other Steelcase chairs, then you know they include LiveBack technology, Steelcases own brand of ergonomics in their office chairs. Steelcase will repair or replace your chair with a comparable product, at its option and free of charge. The Series 2 casters can handle rugs, so roll around in your office! To wrap up, I want to compare the Series 2 against three other Steelcase chairs: the Series 1, the Leap, and the Amia. Specifications; Both versions have the same specifications below: Overall Height: 16 - 21 Overall Width: 19.25 Overall Depth: 15.5 - 18.5 Lumbar Height: 6.25 . Ergo Desktop Kangaroo vs VARIDESK ProPlus 36: Which is better in 2022? Compared to other office chairs, the Amia has top of the line flexibility, but is still lacking in comparison to the Gesture. That includes outdoor seating, sofas, dining chairs, stools, ottomans, benches, conference chairs, lounge chairs, and office chairs. 4D Adjustable Armrests adjust in height, width, depth and pivot to support your neck and shoulders in various postures as you change tasks, move and collaborate. If your product was manufactured utilizing a non-standard product platform or material, If your chair has custom fabrics or surfaces, Modifications or alterations to the chair. The Steelcase 462 Leap V2 office chair has been the Steelcase flagship chair since being updated from the V1 version in 2007, and is still being made new today. Branch Furniture Standing Desk Review- Can a Premium Looking Desk be Affordable? A Look at the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro vs ErgoChair Plus: Choosing the Right Ergonomic Chair, Steelcase Series 2 vs Amia Twinning in Style A Closer Look at the Distinct Differences, Steelcase Series 1 vs 2: The battle of the Steelcase chairs, Best office chair under 500$ Get a comfortable and productive workday, Inova Furniture Make the future come to your home & office. Do you want a classic chair with adjustments at a more affordable price? The comparison between these two chairs for back comfort is very similar to what was discussed about seat comfort. Both units have built-in air pockets, the same LiveBack Technology, and an activated weight mechanism. Steelcases website explains its warranty terms in more detail. Factors that influencethe final cost of an office task chairinclude adjustability, customization options, build quality, and warranty. While the Amia chair costs less, there are a few things you'll miss out on in comparison to a high-end chair like the Leap v2. Are you tired of sitting in a cheap, uncomfortable office chair? Innovations such as the LiveLumbar mechanism have been incorporated into the overall shape rather than made explicit on the chairs outside. With the Leap youll get a slightly better design, build quality, extra tilt positions, lumbar depth adjustment, and the ability to add a headrest. With a minimum depth of 15.5 inches, even petite folks wont have to worry about sinking too deep into their seats. And these will be the highly adjustable arms. The integrated LiveBack technology isnt quite Air LiveBack, but the interdependent lower back flexors do still offer the spinal support you need. The Amia has a basic lock feature, which lets you lock the chair in an upright position and recline back by hitting a level on the side. As a premium brand promising sturdy and comfortable chairs, Steelcase produces excellent products that are guaranteed to last. It doesnt have that S shape pattern that most people are preferring nowadays, that is why the Amia can come off as too rigid for some people. No more, why? Description. Buy it with . You can also adjust its pivot to 30 degrees. With that being said, the Amia does a little bit more padding than the Leap. You can then increase the recline resistance as you wish. Even still, this chair is solid through and through. Both chairs will come with a 12-year warranty covering people weighing up to 400 lbs. Why were different. The Series 1s armrests are certainly more comfortable thanks to their equally curvy shape and caps on the ends. The biggest differences are The leap is more adjustable, it has 5 tilt lock options where the Amia has one, upright or reclined. Amia's 4D Adjustable Arms move independently in four dimensions to adjust to your preferred height, width, depth and pivot. works through an innovative geometric pattern that flexes in two dimensions to encourage movement. Series 2 specs Height: 38-42.5" Width: 27 Depth: 19.25-22" Colors: 19 back, 25 upholstery, 2 frame options MSRP: $499 (plus add-ons) Optional add-ons: stool ($116), polished aluminium frame.