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features regarding shell design. When it comes to investing in a hot tub, there are 2 things you shouldnt comprise: comfort and therapy. I spend hours training. Rather, he says, people get frustrated about common These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. which Bullfrog calls the bulkhead also functions as the suction. Hot tub booster seat 5350P in pearl is a water-filled seat that adds to the comfort and convenience of enjoying the spa. Retreat to the R5L for a night of relaxation and indulgence. Youll be able to relax your way in the R8L. Weve done The R6L features 3 personalized JetPaks, calf and foot jets, and a bent-knee lounge to provide you with the optimal hot tub experience. If the SmartChlor color on the strip is darker than the bottle label, the water is fine. A cylindrical filter can get more media Contact your dealer to see if that option is available to you. says. The X6R round spa is going to be one of your favorite investments. The Bullfrog Spas X7L is a well-planned, ergonomically sound hot tub providing advanced hydrotherapy in a 6 seat hot tub that requires less space. JetPaks. Bullfrog Spas partners with the best hot tub dealers to provide you with the best service and warranty available. Good buoyancy prevention: This seat has a 2-lbs weighted inner compartment, which means that although it's the lightest cushion we tested, it still stays down on its own. Bucket Seats 7. From making you more comfortable tohelping you sit higher up to keeping you anchored in your seat, it's just one of those hot tub accessories with a whole range of different benefits. Your spa water will require fewer chemical additives than ever before and minimal attention. Leer ms. Compact on the outside, the A6L is a very popular hot tub. Customized with 4 Jetpaks for the ultimate hot tub experience, the R7L promotes comfort and relaxation at a price you can afford. Ideal for singles or couples, the A5L is great for relaxing after a long day. For years, Bullfrog Spas' dealers have suggested the manufacturer enter the swim spa category, says marketing director Jake Ricks. He says 2013 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual French If you find hot tub seats a bit hard or bucket-like, adding a cushion might be all you need to make your life a lot more comfortable. 2005 Bullfrog & Tadpole Owners Manual French Caution! also counts for most hot tub buyers. JetPaks: 4. The Series will launch with three models: the M9, M8 and M7. At over 4" thick and padded the water seat offers a great deal of comfort when compared to sitting directly on any spa surface. -7% $3995. We only shock and put a new chlorine cartridge in once a month, then enjoy our hot tub all month long! Lets start to make a product More produces a great platform for overall jet performance and efficiency, Tulett Swim Series, M Series, R Series, A Series, Available For: SmartChlor is self-shocking for the life of the cartridge. Customer Service. Enjoy JetPaks in all premium seat locations, Simplicity water care, multi-functional controls throughout the spa, smart sensor technology, and layouts designed to be enjoyed in a variety of positions by people of various sizes and body types. It is just the right amount of pressure." Staying comfortable in your Bullfrog Spa is easy with these hot tub headrests and spa pillows. STIL spas set the standard in modern hot tub design and functionality. look at the way that we want them to be used. Then buff with a dry towel. Workout, play, or relax away tension, all year round. . lip of the spa to cool off. of homes most common paint colors and textures, which is why the company is 2023 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual X Series, 2022 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual Swim Series, 2020 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual French, 2019 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual French, 2013 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual French, 2011 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual French, 2007 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual French, 2006 Bullfrog & Tadpole Owners Manual French, 2005 Bullfrog & Tadpole Owners Manual French, 2006 Bullfrog & Tadpole Owners Manual French, 2005 Bullfrog & Tadpole Owners Manual French, Spa & Yard Stereo I Owners Manual (English/French), Spa & Yard Stereo II Owners Manual (Gecko Stereo), JBL Stereo Operation Manual MBB-3.3 (2009-present), JBL Stereo Operation Manual MR-140 (2007-2009). The recommended dial setting for the SmartChlor Cartridge is. Lounger Seats 1. This is impossible to sink and get to suction to the smooth spa seats in my Bullfrog Spa. The A9L offers 7 customizable JetPaks, 9 premium seats, and a luxurious lounger, and is ideal for those wanting an upscale hot tub made expansive enough for a crowd. The FROG @ease Test Strip Out Indicator on the back of the Test Strip Bottle indicates if the SmartChlor cartridge is empty: When the test strip color is lighter than the single-color image on the bottle, its time to replace the SmartChlor Cartridge. If you would like to view a more comprehensive collection of accessories and learn more about how you can perfectly customize your Bullfrog Spa please visit your Authorized Bullfrog Spa Dealer. 2003-08 Quick Reference Guide Lorenzo Gallo, "I'm an endurance athlete. A versatile water-filled seat that adds to the comfort and convenience of enjoying your spa. Swim, play games, or splash around on the splash pad. The X7L is designed to accommodate up to 6 adults comfortably while providing the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Download App for Android, 2023 King Technology, Inc. All rights reserved| Call Customer Service 1-800-222-0169|, The @ease System combines the proven FROG mineral formula for killing bacteria with. Next page. Select your preferred massages, place them in your favorite seats, move them from seat to seat whenever you like, and upgrade with a new JetPak at any time. We're taking $1,500 off all Bullfrog Spa models. Your dedicated filtration pump is calibrated for filtration system effectiveness as it circulates all of the water in your spa many times per day. No matter what size pool or hot tub you have, we make a product for it! Original review: Nov. 8, 2022. The modular design offers multiple configurations with upgrade add-ons for enhanced safety getting in and out of the spa. The Trio JetPak kneads my sore back after a long day in the saddle." Select colors and materials match Bullfrog Spas premium spa cabinetry for appealing aesthetics and integrated design. Lower Cost to Own and Operate . Simply dip the FROG @ease Test Strip into the water, remove with the pads facing up and shake once to remove the water on the FROG Test Strips. Comfortable cushion for the family members who need a higher seat - easily suctions to any area of your spa. The Bullfrog Spas A6L would be considered a small hot tub, but this premium spa provides nearly all the features of spas that take much more space. Samantha Slattery, "The SpinalHealth JetPak is so good. * Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs that utilize our patented JetPak Therapy System. Up to 75%* less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels, Self-regulates for continuous crystal clear water, Single color match for easy reading exclusively with FROG @ease Test Strips. seating concepts that allow for flexibility, giving customers of all heights, SpaRetailer is the one-stop destination for staying informed and competitive in the hot tub market. The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. In between, you can purchase the 3-pack of SmartChlor Cartridges. Rest easy knowing youre investing in a reliable spa. These cookies do not store any personal information. Our team investigated and discovered that a small percentage of Bullfrog Spas SmartChlor Cartridges were underfilled. We also considered the different price points for these products. You can purchase additional JetPaks from your local dealer. Up to 75%* less chlorine with no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels. The brand's parent, Bullfrog International, currently distributes, licenses, and retails its products in the . Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes Cover) 455 lbs./3126 lbs. Everyone says it, but data actually shows that Bullfrog Spa models are the most energy efficient hot tubs in their class. The smallest spa in the series is the rectangular Model X5L, which fits 3 in a hot tub with a lounger plus 2 seats. Brand: Belize. You will enjoy the ample legroom and wide-open seating of this comfortable 8 seat hot tub as you create lasting relationships with your family and friends. EOS premium sanitation works similar to shock treatment to all Stil, A, R and X Series Spas. Baquacil Cleaning pad with handle. Step 1: Put the spa in "Standby.". These recommended JetPaks have been carefully selected to provide a variety of jet types and intensities. Download App for iOS The blue Mineral Cartridge last for 4 months. While performing steps 3 and 4, you must use the black manifold area as the point of contact. The Bullfrog Spas Natural Mineral Cartridge is a Bullfrog is switching from a cylindrical filter, the industry standard, to a We thought it would be hard to keep the water balanced. Larger hot tubs, more frequent use, more people using the hot tub or more filtration time require a higher dial setting and will use up the SmartChlor Cartridge faster. 2020 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual French $34.99. But, have no fear! Were not holding each other accountable The premium M Series Step breaks with convention and offers an easy, safe, and visually appealing solution for getting in and out of your spa. The first-of-its-kind, patent-pending Zero Gravity Spa Hammock combines stretch suspension and buoyancy to create a zero-gravity effect thatll take you out of this world. Test the hot tub water with FROG @ease Test Strips and balance your Total Alkalinity, pH and Total Hardness (for help, see our, Set the dial on the FROG @ease blue Mineral Cartridge to #4 (the dial is on the bottom of the cartridge), Set the FROG @ease silver SmartChlor Cartridge per the chart: (the dial is on the bottom of the cartridge), Place the cartridges in the holder and insert the cartridge holder between the filter cartridges, pushing down until it stays in place, When the SmartChlor Cartridge is empty, replace it, After 4 months of using the Mineral Cartridge, replace the entire FROG @ease System that includes a FROG @ease Mineral Cartridge, A hot tub using FROG @ease does not test the same way as a hot tub using dichlor, FROG @ease uses a unique chlorine, SmartChlor, FROG @ease Test Strips were designed especially with an Out Indicator, a one-color match that designates when the SmartChlor Cartridge is empty. Add To Cart. The R Series is their personalized quality, mid-range tub, and starts at $7,995. Required fields are marked *. This . when dealers are excited about new hot tubs, it drives consumer interest. Making life easier for Bullfrog Spa owners is the goal of this FROG @ease System that conveniently fits between the filter cartridges in most Bullfrog Spas. SPECIFICATIONS. Instructions for Use: Prior to filling with water, add weight to the Booster Seat to prevent it from floating. Your spa water will require fewer chemical additives than ever before and minimal attention. Making life easier for Bullfrog Spa owners is the goal of this FROG @ease System that conveniently fits between the filter cartridges in most Bullfrog Spas. In addition, a dedicated filtration pump operates much more quietly and more efficiently than systems that use a jet pump for filtration. work, McKinney says. Ricks says. If you think the SmartChlor cartridge may be empty, remove it from the system, drain all the water and shake the cartridge. Add to cart. Matching spa cabinetry within the step design provides an integrated and aesthetically pleasing look. Sarah Book, "The Pulsator JetPak hits our sore, tired, achy muscles and pulses at just the right spots. Did you know that Bullfrog Spas and FROG are two different companies? says. The absolute ideal modern hot tub for indoors, urban landscapes, couples, and singles, the STIL5 is a gorgeous and space-conscious modern spa. Use the online Design Studio tool to choose your spa model, colors, JetPaks, and accessories. Couldn't be happier with the service that has been provided to me on my Frog Spa! Supported by an easy to use mechanical coverlift the CoverMate I can help all to improve the ease of use of their spa. . Made of durable, chemical-resistant vinyl. We considered including one of these in our testing, but their durability is questionable compared to the higher quality options out there. Owner's Manual files are large and may take a few minutes to download. Select Spa Step, 3-Step with Rail, Chestnut Color. 2. It's a little more forceful of a massage and provides long lasting benefits." Each A Series premium spa features the JetPak Therapy System with JetPaks in all premium seat locations for maximum personalization of your hot tub experience. Even after two rounds of testing, the Star Splash Hot Tub Booster Seat remains our favorite hot tub booster seat. Water Capacity (to normal fill line) 540 Gallons. Add to cart. Total Seats: 7: Bucket Style Seats: 6: Lounge Style Seats: 0: Elevated Seats: 3: Water Capacity (to normal fill line) 387 Gallons (1464 Liters) Dry Weight (includes Cover) . The X6L features a therapeutic lounge seat, corner captain seats, and more. Strong odors occur when dichlor combines with contaminants in the water. Water Balancing for Hot Tubs 2003 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual If you use your hot tub less frequently or follow these guidelines, you may be able to turn the SmartChlor Cartridge dial setting down but REGULARLY check the SmartChlor Out Indicator on the FROG @ease Test Strips to ensure you have enough SmartChlor in the water to sanitize the water properly. Throw in the aluminum full frame construction and beautiful mounting brackets and you will have peace of mind to go with the ease of use. Manage Settings Giftable Hot Tub Booster Cushion for Adults Hot Tub Pillow. cartridges are designed to fit inside of the filter Add to Wishlist. Bullfrog Spa seat jetpacks and jets are some of the most unique on the market. on versions eight Lift the spa cover and enjoy relaxation in just a couple of seconds. intuitive functionality, gorgeous aesthetics, and the most versatile layouts ever seen in portable spas, together with Bullfrog Spas. Weighted booster seats typically weigh around 4-5 lbs, while unweighted versions weigh around 1 lb. Loaded with state of the art hydraulics the CoverMate III offers beauty and superior functionality. But Bullfrog found that extra media wasnt being Youll then receive an instant price quote and your local dealers contact information. 2005 Bullfrog & Tadpole Owners Manual "Alleviate is my absolute favorite! Enjoy the most personalized, top-performing hot tub experience available, along with . A premium hot tub by Bullfrog Spas will enhance your home, eliminate stress, & improve your well being. Description. Cool Grey. place to see how we would do this and what it would look like, McKinney says, so were not caught off guard., For all the changes to the inside of the M Series, whats outside He wanted the exterior of the M Series to blend with the exterior print components. With a spa booster seat, you'll stay anchored in the perfect spot, so you can fully enjoy that jet therapy without floating away. 2016 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual Spa & Yard Stereo II Owners Manual (Gecko Stereo) These attractive, and long-lasting steps feature non-slip tread surfaces and a sleek, sturdy handrail to provide you secure access for a more peaceful spa experience. The Jetpod design helps to segregate transducer sound and eliminate cross collision of sound waves, resulting in a richer sound throughout the spa rather than in select seats only. Lets look at The pulsing and the heat relax the muscles like no other treatment we have tried." SKU: ES-5370 Category: Hot Tub Pillows. Genuine Patio Performance hot tub covers come standard with all Bullfrog Spas. You are most likely sliding forward in the hot tub due to the force of the jets pushing against your body. Lounger Seats 0. Design Studio allows you to choose the spa model, colors, JetPaks, and options you want to improve your spa experience. BULLFROG 65-00103. With the EOS O3 System, FROG @ease for Bullfrog Spas, and a dedicated filtration pump, you can minimize hassle and spend less time, as you easily maintain clean, clear, healthy water. 4.4 4.4 out of 5 stars (79) $53.99 $ 53. 2006 Bullfrog & Tadpole Owners Manual French til. Spa ownership has never been so easy. new flat filtration design uses 100% of the filter media., The flat filter requires less plastic to keep it rigid, reducing The color coordinates with your selected cabinet finish, enhancing the overall appearance of the spa. in what it refers to as a hybrid system, a shared suction and a zoned discharge Hot tubs made in Utah to fit your lifestyle and Utah's climate. With plenty of room to stretch out, the R8 comes with 4 customized JetPaks and comfort at a price you will love. I use this after a long day's worth of yard work. . After that, most people choose to drain and refill their hot tub. Thanks to this brand's patented JetPak Therapy System, the Bullfrog Spa line of luxury hot tubs delivers maximum power, versatile massage capabilities, and energy-efficient hydrotherapy. Everything, Bullfrog Spas; Cal Spas; Accessories. The current filter pod that accommodates the cylindrical filter If you are not able to view the manual's please download Adobe Reader. Find us and your new Bullfrog Spa at 8603 G Street or at 1405 S. 204 th St. in Elkhorn. $ 59.99 Add to cart. This will prevent the pump (s) from activating. Dimensions: 94 (2.38m) x 204 (5.18m) x 52 (1.32m), Dimensions: 94 (2.38m) x 152 (3.86m) x 52 (1.32m), Dimensions: 710 (2.39m) x 92 (2.79m) x 38 (.97m), Dimensions: 710 (2.39m) x 710 (2.39m) x 38 (.97m), Dimensions: 77 (2.31m) x 77 (2.31m) x 37 (.94m), Dimensions: 6 8 (2.03m) x 7 7 (2.31m) x 34 (.86m), Dimensions: 7-4 (2.24m) x 7 (2.13m) x 34 (.86m), Dimensions: 6-10 (2.08m) x 5-7 (1.69m) x 31 (.79m), Dimensions: 74 (2.24m) x 74 (2.24m) x 36 (.91m), Dimensions: 74 (2.24m) x 68 (2.03m) x 34 (.86m), Dimensions: 68 (2.03m) x 74 (2.24m) x 34 (.86m), Dimensions: 7 (2.03m) x 58 (1.73m) x 31 (.79m), Dimensions: 7-10 (2.39m) x 7-10 (2.39m) x 38 (.97m), Dimensions: 7 (2.13m) x 58 (1.73m) x 31 (.79m), Dimensions: 74 (2.24m) x 74 (2.24m) x 36 (.91m), Dimensions: 68 (2.03m) x 74 (2.24m) x 34 (.86m), Dimensions: 6 7 (2.01m) x 6 7 (2.01m) x 34 (.86m). The bullfrog spa is well built in that respect and easy to repair should there be a leak, but there is one downfall to the design. Our goal was to make hot tub water care easier, thats why all the products are included in one System box. Toggle menu. Megan Kendrick is the owner and editor-in-chief of SpaRetailer magazine. With intuitive controls, simple water care, the renowned JetPak Therapy System, amazing aesthetics, and more, all in a mid-size footprint, your M7 by Bullfrog Spas will absolutely delight. Lets Enjoy more space, more JetPak therapy options, more variety in seating options, more comfort, more simple water care, more intuitive operation, more lighting, and the most capacity of any spa its size. From the outside of the spa use both hands to pull upward on the front of the Snap-Cap to release. About; Products. The A7L comes with 5 JetPaks that are personalized to meet your needs to create the ultimate hot tub experience. This is especially true for people who are lighter or smaller in size, as they are more susceptible to being pushed around by the jets. Relax in tranquility with this cozy hot tub, ideal for couples, singles, and small families. 2023 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual X Series Enjoy a quiet night star-gazing or entertain a small group of friends in this space-saving spa. Full foam insulation, a premium, tight-fitting cover, and up to 90% less plumbing make Bullfrog Spas the most energy efficient spas in their class. Cool Down / Child Seats 1. The wide span gives these steps a higher standard of spa steps granting greater functionality and improved accessibility. I spend hours training. -To decrease jet water pressure, turn the valve handle clockwise. Simply use a soft towel to rub this compound onto the plastic. Your email address will not be published. Your local authorized Bullfrog Spa dealer will help you purchase, install, and service your hot tub. The increased seat height elevates you closer to the spa jets or it may be used as back support. Because sanitizers contain hazardous chemicals, FROG set out to create products with no measuring, no guessing and no accidental spilling. An integrated, in-spa subwoofer manages the higher acoustic energy levels and additional power requirements that occur at lower frequencies, optimizing bass harmonics and overall sound clarity. Combine all this with a stunning aesthetic sure to enhance your backyard environment (and more) and it all adds up; you simply get more of everything with the M9 spa by Bullfrog Spas. Make spa entry and exit easy by choosing a set of cabinet-matched Swim Series steps. 2012 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual Shop helpful hot tub accessories, original replacement parts for your Bullfrog Spa, easy-to-use hot tub water care chemicals, and more. 1820 Airport Road, Charlottesville, VA 22911 . It was purchased to relieve the pain I . Make spa entry and exit easy by choosing a set of cabinet-matched Swim Series steps. Frog Ease has made us love our hot tub again! amount of plumbing, even further than what weve been able to do with the Lounger Seats 0. . Weve worked hard to find and remove them, however, a small number were shipped and sold. Dimensions: 54 W x 15.5 H x 29 D. The premium Select Step for A, R, X, and STIL Series spas features a customizable system that provides maximum safety while adding visual appeal to any backyard setting. The Mineral Cartridge lasts for 4 months, and then the minerals are spent (even if you feel or hear them inside.). Could really use a dip right now. 3. Reasonable price point: It fell in the middle of the price . Tulett says consumers can now think of it as disposable, rather than something that has a Enjoy the most personalized, top-performing hot tub experience available, along with the opportunity to get all of your family and friends together for quality time. Even in the August summer heat, the Bullfrog Spa is inviting and soooooooo comforting. This series includes a cover and integrated water feature. The A6 comes equipped with 4 JetPaks, selected by you, to ensure your hot tub experience is personalized and perfect. Indulge yourself after a long day with this lush spa. offering four warm tones and four cool tones. In the past Ive had a large above ground pool and it was not easy to keep the water balanced. Sit back and enjoy the soothing JetPaks for a personalized hydromassage experience and let your stress melt away. Premium Bucket Seats 4. EOS is a revolutionary water purification system that is up to twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities, without the negative effects of excess ozone gas. of that team helps him to push ideas along. that reflects that ideology. Taking cues from what his and customers families For more than 25 years, FROG has sanitized pool and hot tubs in its unique, patented way. While there wasn't a huge difference in any of the models we considered worth buying, we did our best to include options that even a customer on a budget could reasonably afford. . wim, play games, or splash around on the splash pad. This hot tub fits up to 7-8 people and is designed for smaller spaces, without forfeiting space and relaxation. Design Studio allows you to choose the spa model and layout you want, the JetPaks you need, and the color combination that compliments your home and landscape. Designed to be open, therapeutic and comfortable, the X7 is the perfect hot tub for those looking to maximize their space. No other product in the category offers the numerous therapy options available with the patented JetPak Therapy System. FROG products are regulated by the EPA and DOT. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We found in our testing that it the way that hot tubs are going to be used, Madsen says. Water Capacity (to normal fill line) 235 Gallons. Equipped with 2 customized JetPaks this is the perfect spa for pampering yourself. After a long day with the kids, a tough workout, or a big day of hiking, I absolutely love to unwind in this seat!" Look forward to years of enjoyment with the most reliable, longest-lasting hot tub brand. The idea behind the spa booster seat is to prevent one from sliding down while sitting in the hot tub. The R Series is a collection of top quality hot tubs that give you the luxuries you deserve at a price you will love. Based on our testing, the right booster seat can definitely improve your spa experience. Our Christopher Taylor, "Gyrossage literally removes every knot and strain from those long days in front of a computer." Now we have a Bucket Seats 2. For Sean McKinney, director of manufacturing, being part We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. With a premium bent-knee lounge seat and 4 personalized JetPaks, the variety of seating and features make this spa experience at a cost you can afford. With this feedback in mind, Bullfrog designed its M Series with . Simply strap the belt to your waist and swim unencumbered for a high resistance, low-impact workout. Bullfrog Spas' proprietary JetPak Therapy System is backed by six U.S. patents, multiple foreign patents, with other U.S. and foreign patents pending. Equipped with a full-body massage in a premium reclined seat, the X8L is the perfect blend of relaxation and hydrotherapy. This device creates wonderful privacy as well while you are relaxing in your BullfrogSpa. OVERLAY R-SERIES. Designed with 2 dedicated lounges, your choice of 3 JetPak massages, and flexible open-concept seating that can be enjoyed in an upright or reclined position in any seat in the spa, the STIL7 is the ultimate in form and function. Samson Madsen, creative director and innovations lead at These are actually meant to be filled with water by a hose for spa use, not air (otherwise they'd easily float out of place). A redesigned filter also supports the new seating concept. If you struggle with staying put in your seat, be sure to check out our other tips to stop floating so you can enjoy your hot tub to the max. Why would you settle for anything less? palettes, for example, have warmer beige jet bodies and trim, while the cool All my questions were answered in a very timely manner and they helped me with a chlorine issue I was having. 2021 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual 2004 Bullfrog Spas Owners Manual Bullfrog Spas prides itself on precision-engineered, quality spas to give you some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Dimensions: 7-4 x 7-4 x 36. Frog Ease has made things SO much easier! They then have suction cups on the bottom to help them stay in place. Bullfrog Spas M Series spas Hot Tubs combine intuitive functionality, gorgeous aesthetics, and the versatile layouts ever seen. For periodic shocking, use FROG Maintain, its one dose in one single easy-to-pour pouch for one easy maintenance shock to keep your water crystal clear. The X6R brings the spa experience to a new level with a circular design ideal for enjoying a night of fun and relaxation with family or friends. Now the bottom of the JetPak where the water is supplied and Here's what I know from looking into it: Bullfrog Spas is an excellent brand of hot tub, with an A+ rating with the BBB and a 4-star rating on Google. Free $149.00 Shipping . Clean the back manifold area on with a spa surface cleaner and a long, soft bristle brush. Some packs are interchangeable. The open and flexible seating can be enjoyed in an upright or full lounging position. The Patio Performance hot tub cover features locking clips for safely securing your spa when not in use and protecting it from opening as a result of wind or extreme weather. Bullfrog Spas 65-1600_65-1610 Spa 4 Button Topside Control Panel Includes Overlay Tadploe Models 2006+ $249.99 $158.85. aspects that make it work for us., In addition to working the M Series into the companys facility, The rim of the spa was designed so everybody can use it if need be. Unique form of chlorine that works only with FROG minerals, Its self-regulating by automatically delivering more free chlorine when needed, It maintains a consistent 0.5 1.0 ppm free chlorine level at all times. The all-new FROG @ease for Bullfrog Spas Sanitizing System*, utilizes SmartChlor technology to provide a self-regulating water care experience that is easier than ever. Our Entry Level Convenient DuraStep hot tub steps are color-matched to the spa cabinet and coordinated with the spa cover. Cool Down / Child Seats 1. the cost. Ive only had my spa for two months, but so far the water has been very easy to keep balanced. Your email address will not be published. First, select your spa model and colors, Youll then have the option of selecting and placing JetPaks.